Carbon Neutral Plus

December 28, 2023

Year-End Success with Carbon Neutral Plus Retention

As 2023 draws to a close, we are delighted to confirm the successful retention of our Carbon Neutral Plus status, reaffirming our steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability. Following a thorough assessment conducted by Carbon Footprint Ltd. the following key achievements that showcase our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint were highlighted in the report:

Total Emissions Decrease: A 8.4% Reduction: Since our baseline assessment in 2021, we have achieved an impressive 8.4% reduction in total emissions which is noteworthy considering an increase in both turnover and staff. It underscores our determination to balance growth with responsible environmental practices.

Emissions per Employee: A 38.92% Reduction: Demonstrating our dedication to fostering a sustainable work environment, we achieved a remarkable 38.92% reduction in emissions per employee compared to the baseline year (2021). This accomplishment reflects our commitment to minimizing the individual environmental impact of each team member.

Emissions per £Million Turnover: A 36.18% Reduction: Our commitment to economic sustainability is evident in the 36.18% reduction in emissions per £million turnover compared to the baseline year (2021). We recognise the importance of not only reducing our environmental impact, but also ensuring financial practices align with our sustainability goals.

These results underscore our ongoing efforts to minimise our environmental footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future, but would not have been possible without our team, whose commitment to sustainability and the environment have made these achievements possible.

As we achieve and recognise our milestones, we look forward to advancing our sustainability goals, setting new benchmarks for company environmental practices in the upcoming year.

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