Kitchen Cleaning

World-class cleaning for your back-of-house operations

CleanEvent Services provides bespoke, site-managed commercial kitchen cleaning services that keep your back-of-house fully staffed, trained and regulation-compliant.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Commercial kitchen cleaning for every industry

We can address your foodservice kitchen cleaning requirements, whichever type of kitchen you run.


Industry-grade professional kitchen cleaning

A clean kitchen is not just about achieving high ratings whenever Environmental Health Officers inspect your back-of-house operations. It also sets the stage for the rest of the services you provide for your customers, whether you’re a hotel, restaurant, stadium, or other venue.

Our competitively priced industrial kitchen cleaning services will ensure that you maintain a high level of hygiene in the kitchen and that your cleanliness standards are compliant with UK legislation for food safety.


Fully site-managed cleaning operations

We do not just provide cleaning services. A dedicated working manager is placed in each location to ensure that all operations run smoothly, significantly reducing the amount of time and effort your team spends handling back-of-house.

We also build a training, recruitment and organisational plan for your staff, so that you are always assured that the best people are on the job and employee retention is improved.


Never have to worry about your kitchen’s cleanliness again

With CleanEvent Services, every kitchen is a fully customised project with its own bespoke solutions.

We develop new management structures, maintenance schedules and team rosters that address the specific needs of your kitchen operations. Once mobilised, our site managers and staff will ensure that your cleaning needs are met at every level, and you can focus on running the rest of your kitchen service.

Of course, none of this happens without your input. We make sure that all of our efforts are geared towards fulfilling your objectives. We offer complete transparency on our operations, which we provide through the award-winning Humanforce workforce management platform. This includes integrated biometric technology, which gives you a bird’s-eye view of our operations and guarantees service delivery. Our industrial kitchen cleaning services make sure you never have to worry about cleanliness ever again.

CleanKitchen Services

CleanKitchen Services is here to serve your back of house needs, offering best in class kitchen porter services, fully managed BOH, deep cleaning and TR19 compliance to all types of kitchen and food production facilities.

With ever-increasing demands on food service professionals and the clamour for ever more creative menu options, organising the cleaning and washing up just gets in the way. Our fully managed service means you can get on with the important stuff. You have enough on your plate already….

Protect your hospitality operations

Secure the kitchen cleaning services you need for your food service to run smoothly.

Our expert team can work with you to review your kitchen cleaning services. We can provide an in-depth comprehensive cleaning solution that will keep your kitchen hygienic and ensure your food service is memorable for visitors.

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