CE Academy

December 8, 2023

CE Academy Elevates Employee Growth and Leadership Development in 2023

In a bid to nurture and cultivate talent from within the company, 2023 saw the inception of the CE Academy – a Human Resources-led initiative aimed at identifying and developing future leaders within the company. This strategic move not only emphasises the importance of succession planning, setting the stage for the emergence of a new generation of leaders, but also provides a platform for employees to enhance their skills, knowledge and overall professional growth.

The CE Academy operates through structured monthly sessions, each focusing on a specific topic integral to professional development. Recent sessions have delved into areas such as Problem Solving and Decision Making, offering participants a comprehensive learning experience.

A feature of the program is the different client venues used for these sessions which contributes to the creation of an immersive and engaging environment. The latest session took place at the prestigious Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, where attendees enjoyed the opportunity to network with their peers, share an informal lunch and take a guided tour, blending education with leisure.

The CE Academy’s commitment to employee development is evident in its multifaceted approach. By combining targeted learning with unique experiences at renowned venues, the initiative goes beyond conventional training methods, creating an environment where participants can thrive both personally and professionally.

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