CleanEvent Services employee raises £800 for Cancer Research.


Robert Parkin, Food Court Manager at our Westfield Derby contract undertook a massive commitment to train and compete in a charity boxing match on 04th August 2013.

The event was held at the Village Hotel in Nottingham and included a gruelling schedule of 10 fights throughout the evening.

Robert sustained many injuries throughout his intensive 3 month training schedule, including losing a tooth, a cracked jaw, cracked ribs and shin splints; but it resulted with Robert being classed as a heavyweight fighter.

The training paid off and Robert won the event

The event was a huge success. Tickets sold out in a matter of days and the proceeds of these ticket sales raised £800 for Cancer Research.

“Congratulations to Robert for committing to such an intense training programme and for competing in such a challenging event to raise money for such a worthwhile cause”.

Tomas Gronager, Chief Executive Officer – CleanEvent Services