CleanEvent Services helps to protect clients and the public

February 8, 2017


The CleanEvent Services team at Eastgate Shopping Centre in Inverness have received a letter of appreciation for their community engagement from the Police Scotland Chief Inspector.

This follows several incidents in the area.

  • The proactive intervention of the CleanEvent Services security team resulted in the successful tracing of a repeat “vulnerable missing-person.”
  • The security team assisted police in identifying a fraud case which had occurred within a store at the shopping centre. Not only did the team alert police to this unreported incident, but in anticipation of their attendance had identified the suspects, their vehicle and the exact arrival and departure times. All the movements were logged on CCTV and images of suspects were provided, together with details of the witnesses.

Ian Graham, Chief Inspector commented: “I would like to highlight to you my appreciation for the ongoing excellent work by your security staff, especially in relation to a number of notable recent incidents where your proactive intervention has greatly assisted police in bringing these incidents to an early conclusion, with the obvious positive implications for public safety. This proactive work is a credit to the security team.”

Many congratulations to all the team members for Adding Value 365.

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