CleanEvent Services Partners with Access Group to Enhance HR and Compliance Solutions

March 11, 2024

CleanEvent Services Partners with Access Group to Enhance HR and Compliance Solutions

CleanEvent Services is excited to announce our collaboration with Access Group, who have been chosen as the preferred supplier for our HR, Recruitment, Learning Management, Learning Content, Health & Safety, Right to Work, Screening and On-Demand Pay technology needs.

Facing diverse challenges and aiming to meet specific project objectives, CleanEvent Services embarked on a journey to streamline and digitalise our people systems under the leadership of our CEO, Tomas Gronager.

With disparate existing systems and data scattered across spreadsheets and shared drives, we sought to automate our recruitment processes, ensure compliance with Right to Work regulations and enhance employee learning and safety awareness.

In Access, we found a supportive team of consultants who demonstrated expertise in each area of need and were adaptable to accommodate specific requirements. Positive feedback and recommendations from other customers further validated Access’s reputation, with impressive ratings on Trustpilot and the App Store.

Access provided tailored demonstrations which addressed our challenges directly, focusing equally on the needs of each stakeholder. The platform’s scalability and potential for future expansion resonated with us and aligned with our anticipated growth trajectory over the next 12-24 months.

By consolidating multiple functions into a single system, Access will empower our managers to operate more efficiently, reducing manual workloads and minimising the risk of errors. This shift aligns with our vision to elevate from ‘Good to Great’, placing a strong emphasis on our people and their development within the organisation.

With Access People, CleanEvent Services gains not only a robust technological solution but also the foundation for continued growth and success, supported by streamlined and systemised processes that will propel the business forward.

CleanEvent Services is renowned as the UK’s leading provider of cleaning, maintenance and security solutions, with a focus on sports, leisure, healthcare, education and retail venues.

For inquiries about The Access Group and their solutions, contact: Matt Newton

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