CleanEvent Services take part in BASIS Sustainability in Sport Course.

November 1, 2021

Climate change is posing as a huge threat to the world. As this has been identified and brought to the world’s attention via many global charities, influencers, celebrities and scientists, the human race and businesses have a huge challenge in changing the way they purchase, produce products and the way they run their businesses.

With many consumers changing their buying and spending habits, businesses have an opportunity to change their processes and habit to not only meet demand, but also to influence and raise awareness.

As an international industry valued at more than $500bn for the sports industry be faced with a global climate emergency it is a big problem. With all of this in mind, The British Association For Sustainable Sport (BASIS) have identified a gap on sustainability, and have designed a training course that enables anyone working within the sporting industry to gain a better understanding of what the industry is facing. This course is designed to look at how this industry can gain a more sustainable footing, and CleanEvent Services are delighted to be taking part.

The Course:

The course looks at identifying key sustainable issues within the environmental, social, economic and political aspects of the sporting industry. It also discusses what actions have already been taking by sporting industry to make changes and will look into any opportunities there are for improving sustainability and the affect that they will have. The course also gives the knowledge and grounding into how changes can be made and implemented within your own organisation.

The 6 week courses involves 2 hour online sessions hosted by Dr Russell Seymour, BASIS Chief Executive, who will be talking through different aspects including: Timeline and history, Sustainability issues, current impacts, frameworks, leadership and opportunities, global responses, solutions and reports and how sustainability performance can be communicated. 

“As a leading cleaning provider within the sports and leisure industry, CleanEvent Services understand the difficulty that surrounds the sporting industry in becoming more sustainable.” Comments Jay Adderley, Operations Director. “As part of our company objectives, it’s important to us that we make sure our clients within the industry are doing everything they possible can to contribute towards reducing our carbon footprint.”

“We are delighted to support and assist all of clients across off the industries we work in in reaching their sustainability goals” added Julian Kelly Business Development Director. “This sustainability course set out by BASIS gives use the fundamentals to equip our staff and work together with our clients to re think how we deliver events to drive change, and ensure that everyone can continue to enjoy sporting events for many years. 

As part of CleanEvent’s training and development programme, this course is being rolled out to all of the businesses staffing members throughout the next year. From this course we are confident that each attendee will receive an understating of the importance of sustainability and they will be able to use their knowledge gained to proactively offer advice and innovative ideas on how we can make their places of work as sustainable as possible.

“We’re excited to be welcoming staff members at CleanEvent Services to the course and offering an insight into how they can contribute to sustainability within their venues.” Said Dr Seymour. ““With their presence in the sports sector, it’s fantastic to see that they are committed to making a difference within the industry.”

If you would like to find out more about the BASIS Sustainability in Sports course, and the next training start date, you can visit the BASIS website.


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