CleanMedicare Partners with ICE Equipment to Introduce Co-Botics to the Healthcare Industry

September 28, 2021

CleanMedicare Services are delighted to be working in partnership with ICE Equipment to introduce Co-Botics, a new approach to managed autonomous cleaning in healthcare settings.

The NHS have been stretched to capacity in recent months, impacting staff at all levels within the healthcare industry. There is now increased pressure on hospitals as all housekeeping departments have seen a record number of patients seek appointments for diagnostic services and delayed treatments. The impact of Brexit is beginning to show as staff shortages are on the rise.  As cleaning is now even more imperative that it was pre pandemic, it has never been more important to ensure that everyone is working smarter and not harder. Co-Botics are the perfect solution in offering support to ease the increasing workload.

What are Co-Botics?

Co-Botics are robotic machines with the aim to create a collaboration between operative and machine. These offer an added benefit on enhancing a work force by;

  • Reducing the need to do repetitive tasks
  • Filling the gap where you may be facing a few challenges to find employees to undertake these tasks
  • Allow your team to focus more on patient care activities

How do they work?

ICE’s Co-Botics offer an intuitive navigation system producing a 3D map of an area that requires repetitive cleaning. They are fitted with camera and sensor technology that has been designed to seamlessly integrate into any cleaning team. The advanced technology makes the machines safe, reliable, and easy to manage. With a 4 stage water filtration system in place, water is able to be recycled when in operation.

Business Development Manager for CleanMedicare Services Paul Hickling commented “Collaborating with ICE on this venture is an exciting time for us. Since Brexit, the cleaning industry has faced a challenge in recruiting for roles. The use of Co-Botics will really assist in resolving this as well as showcasing how technology is constantly evolving and assisting us. ”

CleanEvent Services Business Director Julian Kelly added; “Through the use of Co-Botics we will be able to offer even more support to the healthcare industry. This high-tech equipment could not only revolutionise the way that cleaning is done within the healthcare industry but also other sectors.”

If you would like to find out more about Co-Botics and how they can help, please contact Paul Hickling or ICE representative Sean Edwards.



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ICE is the UK’s largest independent provider of cleaning equipment. With over 50 years’ experience, ICE offer a one stop shop equipped with a range of cleaning machines available for purchase, rental maintenance and management.

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