Congratulations to our award winners at Arsenal

Employee Award winners

Many congratulations to our employees Nathalia Nascimento and Janayne Carvalho Silva on winning the CleanEvent Services Employees of the Month Award for October.

On 19th October, Arsenal were playing Bulgarian champions Ludogorets at the Emirates Stadium, in the Champions League group stage.  An incident occurred with a group of VIP’s from Ludogorets, who did not speak English, and who were the family of one of the players. The group involved included very young children and the query concerned ticketing.

Zoe Young, Deputy Event Safety Manager, Arsenal Football Club, continues the story:

“Nathalia Nascimento and Janayne Carvalho Silva were passing on the concourse, and realising there was an issue they started to translate. They were invaluable in reassuring the group while I was waiting for the Portugese speaking steward to arrive, enabling me to resolve the ticketing query.  They then offered to come up to the upper tier with me to continue translation and liaison until we were able to safely seat the group.  Both Nathalia and Janayne were incredibly polite, courteous and went above and beyond to assist with this query.”

Many thanks to Nathalia and Janayne for their outstanding customer service, and for demonstrating CleanEvent Services Adding Value 365.