Cleaning and Facilities Management for the Education Sector

CleanEvent Services offers a comprehensive range of cleaning and facilities management services tailored for the education sector. We have collaborated with prominent educational institutions across the UK, including schools, colleges, and universities. Our expertise extends from basic cleaning solutions to fully integrated facilities management, ensuring educational environments remain conducive and well-maintained for optimal learning experiences.

Education cleaning services

Customised Cleaning Solutions for Educational Environments

With over two decades of experience in delivering cleaning services across diverse sectors, we have perfected the art of cleaning educational spaces.

Retail Cleaning Services

Managed Education Cleaning Services

In educational settings, it’s crucial to have organised cleaning services that seamlessly integrate with the daily activities. CleanEvent Services offers specialised services tailored for educational environments. Each site is overseen by a Presentation Manager, ensuring that the cleaning team meets objectives and successfully completes all necessary daily maintenance tasks without disrupting the educational activities.

You won’t worry about campus cleanliness anymore.

CleanEvent Services ensures that each site is a completely tailored project with its unique, bespoke solutions.

Rest assured about the cleanliness of your campus with CleanEvent Services. Each campus is treated as a unique project, tailored to meet its specific requirements. We design custom management structures, maintenance schedules, and team rosters that cater to the distinct needs of your estate. Once our site managers and staff are in action, they ensure that all your cleaning requirements are diligently met, allowing you to concentrate on managing your property.

Your input is invaluable in this process. We align all our efforts with your objectives, ensuring complete transparency in our operations. Through the award-winning Humanforce workforce management platform, we offer detailed insights into our activities, aided by integrated biometric technology. This comprehensive view guarantees the delivery of our services. With our education cleaning services, you can bid farewell to cleanliness concerns once and for all.

Facilities Management

Comprehensive Integrated Facilities Management Solutions

Our expertise extends beyond providing educational cleaning services. We offer an integrated facilities management services package that ensures seamless retail operations and an excellent customer experience.


Operational management

Excellent on-campus facilities management ensures a safe, well-maintained environment that enhances the overall learning and working experience for students, staff, and visitors.

Our facilities management services involve overseeing and supporting your site through project management, safety management, disaster recovery, housekeeping, and other operational management requirements for your eduction space.


Campus security and car park management

We offer extensively trained security teams for educational sites of all sizes, ranging from schools and colleges to the largest universities in the UK. Our teams are skilled in conflict management, de-escalation techniques, and can administer first aid when necessary.

Additionally, we provide car park management and security services to guarantee the safety and security of your site.


Establishing an advanced platform for educational cleaning services

Our expertise in handling educational sites has equipped us with a team of experienced managers and staff who adeptly respond to emergent needs, even in the most demanding locations.

Recognising the unique requirements of every campus, CleanEvent Services collaborates closely with your team to provide exceptional education experiences and facilities management services tailored to your specific needs.

Leveraging our proficiency in cleaning venues across retail, hospitality, medical, and other industries, we bring our extensive experience to managing educational sites of all sizes and complexities.

Upgrade your campus operations

Whether you need campus cleaning services or a complete facility management solution, contact us now to find out how we can help you level up your educational space.

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