“Elevating Back-of-House Hygiene: Bespoke Commercial Kitchen Cleaning by CleanEvent Services”

CleanEvent Services takes pride in providing world-class cleaning solutions for back-of-house operations in the hospitality industry. With our bespoke, site-managed commercial kitchen cleaning services, we ensure that your kitchen remains fully staffed, impeccably trained, and compliant with regulations. Whether you are a hotel, restaurant, stadium, or any other venue, CleanEvent Services offers industry-grade professional kitchen cleaning to set the stage for exceptional customer service.

  1. Catering to Every Industry’s Foodservice Cleaning Needs

No matter the type of kitchen you run, CleanEvent Services has you covered. We understand that maintaining a clean kitchen is not only essential for impressing Environmental Health Officers but also plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall customer experience.


  1. Industry-Grade Professional Kitchen Cleaning

Our commercial kitchen cleaning services go beyond surface-level cleanliness. We prioritise hygiene, compliance with UK food safety legislation, and seamless operations to support your back-of-house functions.


  1. Fully Site-Managed Cleaning Operations

CleanEvent Services does more than just provide cleaning services; we deliver fully site-managed cleaning operations. Each location receives a dedicated working manager responsible for smooth operations, reducing the burden on your team and streamlining back-of-house activities.


  1. Training and Recruitment Plans for a Stellar Team

With CleanEvent Services, you can rest assured that the best people are on the job. We develop comprehensive training, recruitment, and organisational plans to ensure that your kitchen staff is equipped to deliver outstanding results, eliminating the challenges of high employee turnover.


  1. Customised Solutions for Every Kitchen

Each kitchen is unique, and our approach reflects that. CleanEvent Services crafts custom management structures, maintenance schedules, and team rosters tailored to meet the specific needs of your kitchen operations. We take the burden of kitchen cleanliness off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your restaurant.


  1. Transparent Operations for Your Peace of Mind

Transparency is a cornerstone of our services. CleanEvent Services provides complete visibility into our operations through the award-winning Humanforce workforce management platform. With integrated biometric technology, you can oversee our services, ensuring seamless service delivery and peace of mind.


  1. A Partnership Driven by Your Objectives

At CleanEvent Services, our efforts are geared towards fulfilling your objectives. We listen to your needs and align our approach to match your vision for the kitchen’s cleanliness and hygiene.


  1. The Power of Site Managers and Dedicated Staff

Our site managers and staff work collaboratively to ensure that your cleaning needs are met at every level. They take ownership of maintaining a pristine kitchen environment, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional dining experiences to your customers.


  1. Going Beyond Cleanliness: A Comprehensive Approach

CleanEvent Services doesn’t stop at cleanliness alone. We adopt a comprehensive approach that considers hygiene, safety, compliance, and operational efficiency to elevate your back-of-house operations.


  1. A Stress-Free Future for Your Kitchen

With CleanEvent Services as your partner, you can say goodbye to concerns about kitchen cleanliness. Our commercial kitchen cleaning services guarantee an impeccably maintained and compliant kitchen, leaving you free to concentrate on what matters most – the satisfaction of your patrons.



CleanEvent Services redefines back-of-house hygiene with bespoke commercial kitchen cleaning solutions. Our site-managed operations, dedicated staff, and customised approaches ensure that your kitchen exceeds cleanliness standards, complies with regulations, and contributes to an exceptional dining experience. With transparency, a focus on your objectives, and a commitment to excellence, CleanEvent Services promises a stress-free future for your kitchen, allowing you to excel in the hospitality industry with unwavering confidence.

Protect your hospitality operations.

Whether you’re reopening your business or bolstering your kitchen hygiene and virus protection, we can help. Reach out to our commercial kitchen cleaning and disinfection experts now, and let’s discuss how we can address your needs.