Employee of the Month Award Winners – January

Amadu at Fulham FC

We are delighted to announce the CleanEvent Services Employee of the Month Award winners for January.

Amadu Balde from Fulham FC

Amadu is a very valuable and hardworking member of the team. He always gets on with the work that he is asked to do, and is willing to help anyone out. He did an excellent job jet washing during very cold January days, receiving positive comments from our client. Amadu is shown with his certificate in the image.

Jose Fernandes from  Arsenal FC

Jose’s flexibility within the business is priceless. He works extra hours nearly every day and never processes these, even though he is in charge of inputting the hours. Jose also never just sits there once is work is complete. As soon as he can get away from his PC he will volunteer to help with any other task that needs completing.

Congratulations to Jose and Amadu on their awards.