Freshney Place Training Success

The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) has awarded Andy Barker, Pat Dean, Neil Grice, Danni Burton and Tom Harrison at Freshney Place with certificates after completing training at Freshney Place.

The ‘Cleaning Professionals Skills Suite’ certificate covers a variety of modules such as dust control, damp mopping, suction cleaning of a hard/soft floor, cleaning of toilet facilities, buffering hard floors, bodily fluids and sharp objects. The team have since looked at cleaning in a whole new light, feeling they had learnt a lot.

Andy Barker, Venue Cleaning Manager at Freshney Place said: “The certificates and training were for me and my team to develop ourselves in the needs of the business, maintaining our high cleaning standards. I will admit before I started the training I thought I knew what was required but afterwards my team and I have a different approach to cleaning, especially in the measures that we take when using chemicals. Using the correct dosage is highly important because if not done correctly can actually create more work for you.”