Global events

Best-in-class cleaning services for the biggest international events in the world

From the Olympics and Paralympics to the Commonwealth Games and the European Games, we’ve provided top-notch commercial cleaning services for the largest global events in the UK.

Olympic Games

The official cleaning partner of the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games

CleanEvent Services supported the cleaning and housekeeping needs of the Olympics and Paralympics, from sporting events and stadium cleaning to supporting the Athletes’ Villages.


Commercial cleaning services for every Olympic & Paralympic venue

The Olympic Games featured hundreds of thousands of visitors every day. Through this massive turnout, we consistently delivered fast and high-quality commercial cleaning services, including pre and post-game cleanup for the 18 competitions, 18 venues and 18 training venues across the whole of Greater London.


Housekeeping services for the Athletes’ Villages

Our preparations for supporting the Olympians began three years prior to the Olympic Games themselves. During the Games, our team made over 667,000 beds for the tens of thousands of competitors who stayed at the Athletes’ Villages.


Quality event services at an unprecedented global scale

Thanks to our work with London 2012, we can say with confidence that there is no event or venue too big for us to handle. With hundreds of thousands of daily guests and tens of thousands of athletes, the London 2012 Summer Olympics was the ultimate test of CleanEvent Services’ commercial cleaning skills, and we passed with flying colours.

We recruited 4,200 event cleaning staff and 1,186 housekeeping staff to keep pace with the event and ensure that both guests and Olympians had an exceptional experience.

Case Studies

Visit our Case Studies to see exactly how we tackled the unique challenges of the London Olympics, as well as other major international games that we have serviced.

Fully-managed cleaning teams

High-performance commercial cleaning services for events of every scale

Whether it is small local events or international endeavours such as the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games, we pride ourselves in our facility management and commercial cleaning services.


Proactive litter and spillage cleanup

For any event, it is not enough to just clean up before and after visitors are on site. Our event cleaning teams are always on the lookout for any spills or litter in the environment to maximise the customer experience and prevent any accidents throughout the day.

We clean and replenish public bathrooms several times each day to ensure a high standard of hygiene throughout each event.


Virus protection for events

We have specialised experience providing medical-grade sanitation services to healthcare facilities, and we leverage this expertise to help prevent the spread of disease at events, too.

The COVID-19 pandemic is not our only experience with infection control. We sprung to action during the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games in response to the norovirus outbreak and developed round-the-clock anti-viral cleaning schedules to eliminate the virus. No stadium, event or venue is too big for our commercial cleaning services to handle.


Building a state-of-the-art platform for commercial cleaning services

From London 2012 to Glasgow 2014 to Birmingham 2022, our experience with global sporting events has given us a pool of experienced managers and staff who know how to respond to emergent needs at even the most challenging venues.

We understand that every event has different needs and requires a unique set of solutions. That is why CleanEvent Services works directly with your team to deliver best-in-class visitor experiences and facilities management services.

Combined with our expertise in commercial cleaning venues in retail, hospitality, medical and other industries, we are experienced in managing events of every scale and scope.

Get ahead of your event’s commercial cleaning needs

Starting early is an important part of effectively preparing for your event. Schedule a site visit with us now, and we can help you develop the solutions and contingencies that will ensure a great event experience.

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