Keeping your healthcare facility safe with expert cleaning

CleanMedicare draws on our 20+ years of experience as providers of a wide range of healthcare cleaning services to support Britain’s healthcare sector. Our staff are highly trained in government guidelines, and we’ve even provided support for the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Care Home and Hospital Cleaning Services

Fully-managed housekeeping and medical cleaning services for healthcare providers

Our trained service professionals ensure that your healthcare facilities are regularly maintained and cleaned to the highest industry standards. Get high quality medical cleaning services now.


Housekeeping and daily cleaning

Clean environments are a critical component of any healthcare provider’s daily activities. CleanMedicare provides healthcare cleaning services and housekeeping that every hospital and care home needs to protect its patients and care providers. This includes everything from ward cleaning and disinfection to patient relocation cleaning and linen changes.

Virus Protection Services Cleaning services in the healthcare sector

Sanitation and decontamination

Cleaning services in the healthcare sector require greater standards than other industries—especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. CleanMedicare offers complete sanitation and decontamination services for the healthcare industry to minimise the risk of infection from Coronavirus and other pathogens.

Our virus protection services employ industry standard practices, such as infection control fogging and Zoono spray treatment. We apply these techniques to high touch point areas in order to prevent fomite-mediated infection.

Virus Protection Services Cleaning services in the healthcare sector

A tailored approach to healthcare sanitation

CleanMedicare has two decades of providing healthcare cleaning services to the healthcare sector. With the COVID-19 pandemic, this experience has never been more valuable.

We’ve supported five major facilities of two large NHS Trusts, and our services are characterised by quality, efficiency and rapid mobilisation wherever needed.
We have rigorously trained our team in each of our services in accordance with NHS guidelines, ensuring that they achieve a high standard of cleanliness with each maintenance cycle.

We also work closely with each of our healthcare clients to provide tailored healthcare cleaning services and maintenance plans. We know that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution, and we make sure that we understand your risks and craft the most appropriate approach for your facilities.

Case Studies

We know that when it comes to cleanliness, nothing speaks louder than results. We offer bespoke medical cleaning services custom-tailored for our clients. Our work in the healthcare sector speaks for itself through our past Case Studies.

Healthcare cleaning Services and support

We can keep your healthcare operations running smoothly.

Our experience in servicing the healthcare world means that we do more than just cleaning. We offer support for your logistics, catering and security operations across your facilities.

Healthcare Cleaning Services and Hospital porter and logistics

Hospital porter and logistics services

Let us handle the grunt work so you can concentrate on treating patients. We provide porterage and logistical support for all forms of movement in the hospital. That means moving patients to and from wards and departments, shifting materials and equipment, and inventorying and distributing linens.

Hospital cleaning services Ward host and catering

Ward host and catering support

Our team provides ward hosts and other patient-facing staff to assist the kitchen and serve food. We can also supply back-of-house catering and cleaning support for in-house catering departments and even deep cleaning services specialised for kitchens.

Hospital cleaning services Ward host and catering

A complete service for healthcare and medical cleaning

Our services to your facilities don’t stop with keeping the place clean. Besides our healthcare cleaning services, we support the foundations of your hospital by bolstering your logistics, food service and security.

With your current staff, we know that it’s already hard enough to treat the influx of patients as it is. But if you don’t stay on top of the logistical details such as patient moves, mail distribution and security, you risk bottlenecking your operations.

We make sure that our healthcare support services keep your team afloat, allowing you to focus on getting your patients the best care they can receive.

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