CleanEvent Services manages the environmental and recycling needs of commercial, sport, leisure and entertainment organisations throughout the UK.

CleanEvent Services will create a bespoke environmental and clean waste solutions for your organisation. Our society produces more waste than ever before and a smart clean waste solution can minimise your environmental impact and help to create a cleaner, greener and more sustainable world for future generations.

A clean waste solution is a bespoke environmental and recycling strategy designed and implemented by our and delivered by experienced team. Its aim is to reduce waste creation followed by the appropriate reuse and recycling of waste generated, through environmental initiatives and technologies wherever possible.
CleanEvent Services will provide advice on a wide range of environmental and recycling issues; we will assess your needs through a detailed site audit and tailor a clean waste solution to suit your business and corporate objectives.

Our bespoke sustainability programs incorporate:

  • Total waste and recycling management
  • Diversion from landfill initiatives
  • Maximised rebate revenues
  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Full legal compliance

What we can do for your business

    • Audit your current recycling and resource recovery arrangements, to identify your recycling strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
    • Consultancy to identify relevant, practical and value-adding recycling and resource recovery solutions, benchmarking efficiency and effectiveness and ensuring full legal compliance.
    • Managed services, to improve the operation of your existing arrangements from your current recycling and resource recovery partners.
    • Supplied services, to implement new recycling and resource recovery solutions. We work with best in class partners to supply specialist services where required.

We offer an industry-leading recycling initiative that has helped transform the way that many events and venues manage their waste. Our closed loop recycling program aims to control materials that enter an event (such as packaging) in order to control the waste that leaves the event. In so doing, it is possible to divert as much waste as possible from landfill and maximise what can be recycled into valuable new end use product. The programme offers enhanced sustainability, and by avoiding landfill taxes and boosting material resale values, delivers significant financial benefits. We will work with you to develop mini-recycling centres at your location, and mechanised and manual intervention centres at major events and venues.

Benefits to your business

    • FASTER operational response to market demands.
    • BETTER achievement of your environmental commitments and corporate social responsibilities.
    • CHEAPER waste disposal costs through reduced overall waste, increased recycling and material recovery, facilitated by training for your employees.
    • CLOSER alignment with stakeholder interests, and compliance with your legal and regulatory requirements.

We are proud of our successful track record in the provision of independent professional services in the waste management industry. By engaging with us, your organisation will benefit from a cohesive approach to waste management from a recognised international company that ties in with our cleaning operations and other service streams at your location.