Dr Maddison Close MBBS BSc

Medical Adviser

Dr Close is a health service professional and qualified doctor of medicine. Having graduated from Imperial College London School of Medicine in 2017, she then went on to complete her postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education at the Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. During her time there, Dr Close provided care on the Trust’s Covid-19 wards. Her experience brings to the company a first hand, real world perspective on the practicalities of dealing with a public health emergency.

Dr Close is now a generalist in the community with varied demands that require a broad and empathetic skills base. She has a keen interest in areas that include mental health and wellbeing, medical education and infection control. She is passionate about improving access to healthcare for all.

Maddison provides essential medical advice on healthcare and infection control practice across all of our venues and particularly within our specialised healthcare services offering.