NFL International Series Ends

October 29, 2014

The NFL International Series has had yet another successful run this year, bringing in an average of 80,000 supporters in all three games. Our cleaning staff had a great challenge ahead of them as you’d expect… American’s do it bigger!

Setting up for a Football match day is a shorter process and usually takes place 2/3 days before the game. American Football however is a whole week before the game, 2000 large towels are specially brought in to compensate for the NFL players large sizes. Holding the responsibility of unfolding, inspecting, re-folding and repackaging them, our staff had a lot to do.

Match days are a whole different experience for the cleaners as they’re usual 5/6 hour shifts are exchanged with an 8-12 shift as NFL games can last up to twice as long as a Football match! Supporters are allowed to drink alcohol in the seating area and with 4 quarterly breaks throughout the long games this means a lot more waste is produced. The cleaning of the rubbish after NFL games is around 4 times longer than that of Football games, and so staff numbers in the seating area will go from 40 on a Football game to over 90 for NFL games!

Well done to all our staff who ensured that the International Series was a success and was clean throughout.

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