Our Team

Employee Development

At CleanEvent Services we take training seriously and believe in investing in our personnel to enable them to deliver the highest quality of service – consistently and without compromise.

Our Human Resources department compile training modules to enable our employees to remain up to date in all compliance aspects relevant to their roles.

Our highly-qualified training staff deliver courses in:

  • BICSc technical cleaning skills
  • Health & Safety and COSHH
  • Conflict management
  • First Aid
  • Process and procedure
  • Compliance
  • HR
  • Communication skills

We ensure that all of our employees are trained and developed to the appropriate industry standard, as required by their service tasks, as well as equipped to undertake the responsibilities required by their job role. We motivate and incentivise people to recognise their valued contribution using the schemes below.


We have our own training Academy that has been set up to provide coaching and training for our employees, and to give them more confidence to implement improvements in their working environment. This is the central hub for training and development of employees in various areas of our business and we have nine modules in total.

Graduate Scheme

Our scheme enables graduates to gain perspective on different areas of our business, including finance, marketing, HR, operations and business development. We give our graduates room to find their feet in different areas without having to pigeon-hole themselves too early on.

We are always looking for talented people to join our organisation and to be the future.

Apprentice Scheme

Our Apprenticeship Scheme has been jointly created with AssetSkills, the Sector Skills Council for Facilities and Property Services. It is fully compliant and accredited to their core Apprenticeship Framework and is recognised by the  industry associations CSSA and BICSc.

This assists us in the recruitment of young employees who currently have few qualifications and little experience of the workplace. Once they have completed the scheme they are able to apply for internal posts, enabling them to be able to transition and progress naturally in the work environment. It is also a key benefit for ongoing development of existing team members, forming part of their personal development plans.

Star of the Month

The Star of the Month programme sees all managers nominate their best performing team member for the award. The monthly winner for the business is then put forward for the yearly award, which takes place at our annual conference. The winner takes home a well-deserved financial reward and the sought after accolade.