CLEANEVENT SERVICES LTD provides Cleaning and Security services throughout the United Kingdom and France.

Our ‘Mission’ is to deliver the world’s highest quality service with pride, passion and professionalism.

Our approach is to ensure that the services we provide meet or exceed our clients’ expectations, effectively taking property services management off their agenda. Our focus is to be ‘The Best’.

This is achieved by the use of practices, materials and products that are supplemented by a commitment from all staff to continually improve our services.

These practices are documented in the organisation’s ISO 9001:2015 compliant Quality Management System and are communicated to all employees at induction sessions and at subsequent training sessions.

The latest version of our Policies and Work Procedures are posted on the company intranet. It is the responsibility of every employee to familiarise themselves with them and adhere to the latest version of the organisation’s Policies and Procedures.

Ownership, responsibility and accountability for quality rest with all areas and employees of the organisation. Quality and customer satisfaction can only be achieved with the total involvement and commitment of all employees to comply with all relevant legislation.

Our Quality Objectives will be set, monitored and revised annually. They will focus on the following areas of our Quality Management System:

  • Quality Management.
  • Quality Training.
  • Human Resources.
  • Customer Satisfaction

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