Cleaning and facilities management for busy retail environments

CleanEvent Services provide a full spectrum of retail cleaning services for the corporate sector. We have worked with some of the biggest shopping centres and outlets in the UK, with our clients boasting a combined annual foot traffic of over 100 million visitors. We provide everything from simple cleaning packages to complete integrated facilities management.

Retail cleaning services

Tailored retail cleaning services for businesses

With over 20 years of expertise in providing medical-grade cleaning services for various sectors, we have honed the art of cleaning retail environments. 

Retail Cleaning Services

Managed retail cleaning services

Corporate cleaning services for retail environments must be well-coordinated to ensure smooth operations that do not interfere with the rest of the business. CleanEvent Services provide a dedicated Venue Presentation Manager at each site to ensure that the team fulfils the objectives and completes all daily maintenance tasks.

Ensuring the safety of your retail space with over two decades of cleaning experience

CleanEvent Services has spent over 20 years providing medical-grade retail cleaning services for various industries. We offer the same medical-grade quality to our retail partners through our ViruShield Protection brand, which will be crucial in allowing retail spaces to reopen during the pandemic while protecting consumers from infection.

Our Virus Protection teams are trained to NHS standards of hygiene and disinfection and employ top-of-the-line equipment, such as PPE and battery-powered Zoono backpack sprayers. We ensure that our protection and disinfection schedules are developed with your convenience and benefit in mind, so that we don’t disrupt the rest of your retail operations.

Case Studies

Want to learn more? Our Case Studies show how we provide expert retail cleaning services and corpoarte cleaning solutions for some of the largest retail outlets and shopping centres in the UK.

Facilities Management

Fully integrated facilities management services

Our expertise is not just limited to providing corporate cleaning services. We offer an integrated facilities management services package that ensures smooth retail operations and a glowing customer experience.


Operational management

Our facilities management services are centred on our provision of a full-time Facilities Manager. The FM ensures that the team handles your retail space’s project management, safety management, disaster recovery, housekeeping and other operational management needs.


Security and car park management

We provide highly-trained security teams for retail spaces of every size, from outlet sites and retail parks to the largest shopping centres in the UK. Our team is trained in conflict management, de-escalation and arrest procedures, and can administer first-aid whenever the need arises.

We also provide car park management and security to ensure that your ticketing and cash collection are in order.


A one-stop-shop for your facility management needs

When you need more than just retail cleaning your space, our team delivers. CleanEvent Services has developed a strategic partnership with ECG Facilities to provide a complete, fully customisable package for facilities management through Lynk FM.

Lynk FM provides the full spectrum of facilities management solutions, ranging from cleaning services, housekeeping and winter gritting to security and even efficiency management. We work with you to determine your exact operational needs and craft a plan that is fully tailored to your business goals.

We also provide environmental services that can reduce your space’s carbon and waste footprint. Our team can improve your operations with waste and recycling management, monitor your energy usage with smart sensors, and develop solutions for reducing energy and water consumption.

Upgrade your retail operations

Whether you need retails cleaning services or a complete facility management solution, contact us now to find out how we can help you level up your retail space.

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