Eastgate Shopping Centre, Inverness

eastgate shopping centre, inverness
Eastgate Shopping Centre in Inverness is the largest shopping centre based in the Highlands. With a footfall of 8.3 million per annum, it serves the largest shopping catchment area in Europe. The centre offers over 60 stores and 1,350 parking spaces.

What was required at Eastgate

The centre was looking for a one stop facilities management solution. Services including cleaning, operational management, security, winter gritting and project work.

The centre was conscious of the impact that it was having on the environment, and wanted to come up with a strategy on how they could reduce their energy and waste levels.

What was required at Eastgate

CleanEvent Services

CleanEvent Services specialises in cleaning and other soft services for sports leisure entertainment healthcare and retail venues throughout the UK. With over 10 years cleaning experience, we provide bespoke solutions to venues of all sizes. From national stadiums and racecourses, to casinos, shopping centres and outdoor activity centres, we provide an exceptional visitor experience, which brings our clients increased revenue and excellent brand reputation. Adding value is the core philosophy to our business and is central to every service we provide.

Lynk FM

Lynk FM are the strategic partner working as the bridge between ECGFS and CleanEvent Services. They provide a one stop facilities management solution that the centre required. The contract was awarded in 2009, and due to the high level of service delivered, this has already been extended beyond the original term.


At the inception of the contract, Lynk FM worked with CleanEvent to recruit a full time Facilities Manager with their main objective being to ensure all contract requirements are managed, implemented and improvements were made by strategic streamlining. In addition to the hands on management, project management, operational disaster recovery, contractor and health and safety management and duty manager cover is also provided by the Facilities Manager for the centre.

Cleaners were employed by CleanEvent to work with the Facilities Manager with all the day- to day tasks and deep cleaning requirements for the centre. A security team was supplied by Lynk FM, with the Facilities Manager coordinating all shift patterns. Any further requests from the client were fed to Lynk FM and shared with the Facilities Manager who communicated to the rest of the team actions points that were required.

security is a priority

Security is a Priority

The Lynk FM security team have been commended locally for their proactive and customer focused approach, helping shoppers and retailers with day-to-day issues and incidents. The team members have been congratulated by both the local council and the local police for their commitment to the community spirit of Inverness.

All security team members are trained in arrest procedures and conflict management, and are able to efficiently and professional diffuse all types of situations. All staff are first aid trained to enable further customer service delivery, and a defibrillator trained officer is available every shift. Security officers and other Lynk FM staff also provide emergency lift release due to the centre’s remote location.

The security team are also tasked with looking after the two internal basement carparks at the centre.  The control room resolve any problems with the barriers or ticket machines, and it is up to the security officers to collect and bank all ticket machine cash.

The Results

Efficiency has been a top priority for the centre. Small changes including reconfiguring BMS Control strategies, installation of light sensors and half hourly electric meters, switching to recyclable compactors and the installation of waterless urinals has shown significant reductions in electricity, water and waste usage.  Waterless urinals have saved 1,138,000 litres of water, and dry mixed recyclable compactors have reduced landfill waste by 18.75%.

Savings made since Lynk FM and CleanEvent were appointed:

  • Energy Savings of £248,404 (38.5%)
  • Streamlining/Multi-skilling labour savings £140,819
  • Reduction of landfill waste: 18.75%
  • Water saving: 1,138.000 litres per year
  • Average KPI Score: 96%

 “Lynk FM have been reliable, efficient and effective in providing support in areas that include security, cleaning, engineering, soft services and remedial works to the building. They are proactive in their support and thorough in their detail.”

Andy Wade | Operations Manager

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