Transformative International Leadership Exchange Program with Quayclean Australia

January 3, 2024

CleanEvent Services returns serve on the transformative International Leadership Exchange Program with Quayclean Australia

 CleanEvent Services, a leading provider of cleaning and support services in the United Kingdom, is thrilled to continue its participation in an International Exchange Program with Quayclean, a renowned facilities management company based in Australia. The exchange program offers an opportunity for two exceptional CleanEvent Services’ managers, Corey Watts, Assistant Venue Presentation Manager for Cheltenham Racecourse and Klaudia Zieba, Assistant Venue Presentation Manager Ascot Racecourse, to travel from the UK to Australia for a six-week work placement. This initiative is the 2nd leg of the 2023 Exchange Program which saw Quayclean send two senior team leaders to the UK in the summer to work alongside CleanEvent Services at both the 2023 Royal Ascot and Silverstone British Formula One Grand Prix. This program highlights both companies’ commitment to professional development, sharing of industry best practices and global collaboration.

The International Exchange Program aims to foster cross-cultural learning, share best practices and strengthen international partnerships within the facilities management industry. Corey and Klaudia will immerse themselves in the Australian work environment, contribute their expertise and gain invaluable experiences from their counterparts at Quayclean.

Tom Mills, Quayclean General Manager Operations, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration saying: “We are delighted to welcome Corey and Klaudia to Australia as part of this International Exchange Program after receiving such great feedback from our team who travelled to the UK. This initiative is a testament to the value of global cooperation in our industry. We look forward to the exchange of ideas and insights that will benefit both our organisations.”

From CleanEvent Services’ perspective, this program is a unique opportunity for professional growth and international exposure. Corey, aged 20, who is also part of the current CE Academy cohort, shared his excitement saying: “This exchange program is an incredible opportunity to broaden my horizons, learn from different perspectives, and bring back valuable knowledge to enhance our services at CleanEvent. After only a short period in the industry I can already say, I am excited to see where my career takes me. I can’t wait to immerse myself in the Australian culture and contribute to Quayclean’s success.”

Klaudia aged 32, added: “It is an honour to represent CleanEvent Services and work with Quayclean’s teams, it was great to welcome Quayclean’s team in the Summer to Ascot and I am excited to visit Australia and see how they do things there. This exchange will not only enrich our professional lives, but also strengthen the bond between our two companies and allow me to better further our service delivery to our clients in the UK.”

Keith Field, Head of Soft Services with 1711 by Ascot said “After bearing witness to the added value the exchange program provided Royal Ascot this year, we are thrilled that Klaudia has been given this opportunity. It will not only help her develop her own skills but will also allow her to come back with fresh, new ideas and practices to help us on our continual drive for improvement.”

The six-week exchange program will include work assignments at the Sydney Cricket Ground, Australian Open Tennis and the Sydney Opera House. It will also encompass cultural experiences, community engagement, and knowledge sharing. Throughout their stay in Australia, Corey and Klaudia will document their experiences on social media, providing followers with behind-the-scenes glimpses of their journey.

🏇🎰🏟️ In just under two weeks, Corey & Klaudia have embraced the Aussie spirit, visiting the Randwick Racecourse, Sky City Casino, Accor Stadium and Sydney Showgrounds 🏇🎰🏟️

🏏⚽They have contributed to Quayclean Australia Pty Ltd‘s first event at the CommBank Stadium and worked a thrilling New Year’s Test match at the Sydney Cricket Ground🏏⚽

🎾As they set off to Melbourne this week, anticipation is building as they prepare to work behind the scenes at the prestigious Australian Open!🎾

🌏🤝Stay tuned for further updates on their experiences – we can’t wait to hear more about the insights they are gaining from this immersive international exchange program🤝🌏

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