Why CleanEvent Services?

Adding value to our clients is the core philosophy of our business, and is central to every service that we provide. That is why our motto is Adding Value 365 and every member of the CleanEvent Services team is empowered to deliver value.

The benefits of working with us:

  • Increased Business Revenue

    Increased Business Revenue

    A high quality guest experience is ensured by our excellent service, encouraging longer dwell times, repeat visits and increased customer spend.

  • Improve your Productivity

    Improve your Productivity

    Focus on your core business and priorities, knowing that we will be efficiently managing your facilities services.

  • Build your Brand

    Build your Brand

    Providing an exceptional guest experience in high and variable footfall locations is our speciality, supporting your brand reputation.
  • Enhance your Efficiency

    Enhance your Efficiency

    We are market leaders in cleaning, providing the best value through our high quality services, employee training and constant innovation.
  • Improve Quality and Compliance

    Improve Quality and Compliance

    Clean, safe and welcoming environments are provided by our well trained and equipped teams, ensuring customer satisfaction and compliance.
  • Cut Operating Costs

    Cut Operating Costs

    Delivering the most cost effective services tailored to your needs, now and in the future, with full transparency.